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Getting To Know Brooklyn Nets Brook Lopez

Name: Brook Robert Lopez (#11) Born: April 1, 1988 (age 28) in North Hollywood, California Height: 7 ft Weight: 268 lb. College: Stanford (2006–2008) Drafted: Selected 10th overall by the Nets in the 2008 NBA Draft, after playing two years for Stanford in the Pacific-10 Conference of the NCAA. Salary: Signed a 3 year/ $63,497,025 contract with the Brooklyn Nets, including $63,497,025 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $21,165,675. In 2016-17, Lopez will earn a base salary of $21,165,675. How would you describe your on-court mentality? A: I try to stay pretty level-headed. If there’s a call or something like that, I might react and get emotional, but I try to stay pretty even keel, even when we’re doing well or we’re down. So it’s the same always. What drives you? A: I want our team to win. It sounds simple. Obviously, everyone wants their team to win, but it’s who wants it most, and I think we have a number of guys who feel the same way I do. We want to build something here. Our guys aren’t gonna cut corners, we want to be the best, I want to be the best. Favorite Sports Teams Growing Up: Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Lakers Who are athletes in other sports you admire? A: I was always a big Ken Griffey Jr. fan growing up. My brother went to University of Washington for his freshman year and part of his sophomore year when I was like in second grade. It was just when the Mariners were at their peak — they had Ken Griffey, Randy Johnson, young Alex Rodriguez, Joey Cora, the Martinezes, Tino and Edgar, Jay Buhner, Roberto Alomar, Chris Bosio, all those guys, yeah. What superhero would you see yourself as? A: Batman’s always has been my favorite. Batman thinks of everything. Batman’s always prepared. As a twin, did you ever have to dress up in embarrassing matching outfits with your brother? BL: No, my mom never believed in that. But in kindergarten, my nana would always want to do that. When my mom had to go teach, she would always do it. It drove my mom crazy. Three dinner guests? A: Walt Disney, Jules Verne, Harrison Ford. Favorite movie? A: “Return of the Jedi.” Favorite actor? A: Harrison Ford. Biggest influence growing up: My mom Favorite meal? A: Mom’s spaghetti — the way the cheese melts on top of the spaghetti sauce, it all comes together. It’s fantastic, it’s definitely comfort food. I definitely feel like I’m home when I have it. Best advice ever received: A: Always give your best effort and control what you can and things will work its way out.