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Getting to know…..N.Y. RANGERS RICK NASH

Name:Richard McLaren Nash
Born June 16, 1984 (age 32) in Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Height:6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
Weight: 219 lb (99 kg; 15 st 9 lb)
Position: Left Wing
Shoots: Left
Salary: $7.9 million (2016)

At what age did you start playing hockey?
A: My dad had us skating when we were 2 or 3 years old out on the pond
behind our house. I’d been going to hockey schools, and then 6 years
old is when I first started playing organized hockey.

You made the jump straight from junior hockey to the NHL, what was the
toughest part of that?
A: The speed and the size of the players. In junior, you could hold
the puck for a few seconds and then make the play; in the NHL, guys
are on you right away, you have to know your next move when the puck
hits your stick.

Would you characterize yourself as a sniper?
A: I don’t know. … Snipers usually score (chuckle) great goals, and
hard shots. … I’m more of a power forward going to the net, finishing
my checks, just kinda going into the hard areas to score.

Boyhood idol?
A: Mats Sundin. I just grew up a Leaf fan at the time, in a suburb of
Toronto and him being the captain and all that.

Biggest influences?
A: My parents, No. 1. They’re the ones that figured out a way to pay
for me to play hockey, to get me to practice in the morning. After
that, I had the same coach, basically [Keith Carrigan], from when I
was 10 years old to 16, before I left for junior. It was amazing the
things we were doing at 11, 12 years old, the practices we were
running, it’s still drills that we do now and in junior. He seemed
like he was ahead of his game.

A: I wouldn’t say too many superstitions, just more routine. It’s
“Groundhog Day” every gameday.

Any special pregame meal?
A: Chicken and pasta.

What is your on-ice mentality?
A: I would say I’m focused on what I have to do to help the team the
most — whether it’s block a shot, make a hit, get a puck feed, get an
offensive chance, make a good defensive play. Whatever the situation
is in the game, I think I’m always focused on what’s best for the

Describe the first time you played in the Garden.
A: I remember I scored one of my nicest goals of probably my career.
We were shorthanded, [Jaromir] Jagr came in, I stripped him of the
puck, flew down the left side, went around the knee toe drag and put
it top glove.

What drives you?
A: Love of the game, for sure. I watch every single June, a different
team raise the Cup, and just to think that I have that opportunity is
what drives me. … [I] picture myself skating around the rink with that
thing over my head, is something that’ll keep me going until hopefully
I get it.