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 On September 21, 2016, Sánchez hit his 18th and 19th home runs in his 45th game, making him the fastest player to reach that mark in the modern era. Overall in the 2016 season, in 53 games with the Yankees, Sanchez finished with a .299 batting average, 20 home runs, and 42 RBI. He finished second in the voting for Rookie of the Year, behind Michael Fulmer.

Born: December 2, 1992 (age 24) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 230 lb.

Nickname: The Kraken

John Sterling Home Run Call:


Salary: $507,500 in 2016

Boyhood idol? A: Manny Ramirez Catchers you’ve enjoyed watching? While growing up Jason Varitek for the Red Sox. I liked the way he called games and received the ball. Today, there’s so many guys that I like, like Mac [Brian McCann], Yadier Molina, Salvador Perez, Cervelli. Hobbies? A: Video games, and I also like to spend time with the family, go somewhere nice so we can relax, a nice beach or something like that. How did you become a catcher? A: When I was 8 years old, when I started playing baseball for the first time, they actually put me in the outfield. I was the new guy, so they sent me back there. Eventually, when the manager saw that I had some kind of ability, they put me at third base. And I was pretty good at third base. Because later on I was playing with older kids that were 17 and I was 13 at the time. There was a guy playing third base that was better than me. And because I used to practice with my brother catching and throwing and I would receive the ball, I told the manager, “Hey, let me catch.” They needed a catcher on that team, and because I had a good arm, they allowed me to catch, and whenever scouts would come by, I would catch and they would see me throw. I always had a good arm, so that kind of opened some guys. How do you feel about playing in the New York market, with all the spotlight? A: I feel fine here. One thing is that when I go out there, I try to give my best, everything I have, to help the team win. That’s it, that’s what I focus on. What is your on-field mentality? A: When I’m in the game, I try to focus on the game plan for that night, try to find the best way possible to help the pitcher and anybody else that I can, and focus on winning. What drives you? A: My daughter is definitely the biggest motivation for me, because I want to make sure she has a nice life. I want to make sure that she has a good education. What message would Gary Sanchez want to give to Yankees fans about Gary Sanchez? A: To keep supporting the team in the good and bad, and make no mistake, we’re gonna give our best to bring some championships to the city. If you can have 3 dinner guests, anyone from history, sports, music etc. Who would you invite? A: Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez &  Mariano Rivera.