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Name: Gregory Paul Bird

Born: November 9, 1992 (age 25) in Memphis, Tennessee

Position:First baseman

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 220 lbs

Debut: 8/13/2015

How are you feeling these days? Great. Both physically & mentally, I’m feeling great.

What did you miss most about the game when you were injured, a good part of last season? A: I’ve really enjoyed being back with everyone and being a part of a team and competing. Obviously there’s not much competing in rehab, and that was hard.

What drives you? A: Being a part of a winning team. I want to win the World Series and be the best team there is. That’s what it’s about. I’ve always said for me it’s maximizing my potential, become the best player I can, however I can. If everyone does that, good things happen, and it’s kind of a contagious mentality, so I think that’s what’ll make us good.

Who is your biggest baseball influence? A: I had a coach named John Cronican when I moved to Denver from Memphis, Tenn. who taught me the importance of the little things in baseball — discipline, swinging at good pitches, stuff like that. “Do the little things,” that’s what he used to harp on. The little things count, defense counts, stuff like that, saving runs. It just always stuck with me, and I think it served me well.

Is there an athlete in another sport that you admire? A: I’m a Packer fan. Definitely Aaron Rodgers.

Favorite part about New York City? A: Just walking around. I like people watching in Central Park.

Favorite movie? A: “Major League.” Favorite actor? A: Jim Carrey.

Three dinner guests? A: Babe Ruth, George Washington, Martin Luther King.

How good can this Yankees team be? A: I think really good. We have a really good group. We get along well together.