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Dear Editor:

Please explain to me why people get drunk on Purim and cause damage to people’s houses? I am sure that these boys who get drunk might get sick and even put their lives in danger. I don’t think people should kill themselves for a mitzvah d’Rabbonon.



Editor’s Note: Everything is good in moderation. Drink but don’t get drunk.



Dear Editor:

There are so many different types of hamantashen out there now. I would love some recommendations about which flavors are worth trying.


Editor’s Note: That’s a great idea! We should have a hamantashen tasting contest…



Dear Editor:

Please be advised that I see that there are many young boys who have taken up smoking. I think that besides the fact that it is most likely detrimental to one’s health. It is also a huge waste of money. If one would save his money he would be able to learn many more years in kollel.

Dr. Schweitzer

Editor’s Note: Your point is a great one, but I wonder if you surveyed the public if people who don’t smoke learn longer than those who do smoke. I believe that people who don’t smoke don’t save their money either. They end up spending their money on other stuff.



Dear Editor:

Is Trump certifiably nuts? Why is he still busy with Obama? We all made fun of Obama when he kept on referring to Bush as the reason he is so unsuccessful. Stop being busy with wiretapping and just do your job.

Editor’s Note: It’s interesting that Trump goes nuts primarily on Shabbos. Ivanka and Jared are not around to monitor what he is doing.


Dear Editor: 

What are we doing about North Korea? I am very worried there might be a world war soon.

Channy B.

Editor’s Note: Maybe it’s the beginning of Milchemes Gog Umagog. Next step, Moshiach!



Dear Editor:

I want my son to learn extra gemara on his own. Should he use a Soncino or Artscroll gemara? How about Shteinzaltz? I need some guidance here.

Editor’s Note: I think this question should be posed to your son’s rebbe or your spiritual guide. My personal opinion is if he just needs help with translation, Soncino is enough. If he’d like to learn with a little more spice he should use either Arstcroll or Shteinzaltz. Shteinzaltz has some great bio snippets of Amoraim in the Gemara. If you like History, that would be your choice. In any case, it’s best to use a gemara without any translation.



Dear Editor:

The costume situation has gotten out of hand. If boys are collecting tzedaka they should not be spending tzedaka money to pay for outrageous costumes. Can everyone get a grip on their priorities please?

Stan G.

Editor’s Note: If tzedaka ends up profiting then it is 100% fine. Do you think collectors who work for mosdos don’t get paid? As long as the organization comes out with money, the end justifies the means.



Dear Editor:

The way some people write letters reminds me of this famous quote from Winston Churchill: “Some people’s idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage.”

Why can’t we all respect each other’s opinions?


Editor’s Note: I will respond to you with a quote from Mark Twain who said, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as much as you please.”