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Dear Editor:

I want to thank Alan Hirsch for putting out an incredible edition of The Vues last week. It was the best ever. All the stories that we saw and heard of LOBO of the past week was very inspiring. Let’s hope at the right time a book will be published as thousands of stories keep coming in of the great man, Chaim Silber. Again, thanks Alan Hirsch on an amazing job.

Editor’s Note: Thank you very much. The few pages devoted to him do not do justice to what a wonderful person he was.



Dear Editor:

Hi, my name is Ari Engel, I am Lobo’s nephew. Thanks for the wonderful tribute to him in the latest edition. Is there anywhere in the 5 towns I can get a copy of The Vues? Thanks, Ari.

Editor’s Note: May your family have a nechama and know of only simchos. By the way, we answered this letter with a list of stands that have The Vues right near his home.



Dear Editor:

I couldn’t believe you had an article in your paper knocking drinking on Purim. That is completely uncalled for. Purim is a day for drinking and getting to a point of Ad d’lo yoda.

Moshe S.

Editor’s Note: The writer was bringing down some opinions from Shulchan Aruch, not his own personal opinion. If you wish to disagree with the Rema, that is your prerogative.



Dear Editor:

I am so impressed with how much tzedaka gets collected and given on Purim. In this z’chus let us be zocheh to have Moshiach come.

Bracha M.

Editor’s Note: True, and it gets doubled when it comes to kimcha d’pischa.



Dear Editor: 

We received a lot of privately baked goods on Purim. It is a shame when people don’t write their names and what ingredients they use. Since we don’t know what is in the baked goods we had to throw so many things out. It is a waste. People should be smarter when they give mishloach manos.


Editor’s Note: You bring up a good point. Perhaps those reading this letter will be careful to write the information in the future.




Dear Editor:

I am so excited that they changed the clock! Now z’man krias shema is later and I can get more sleep.

Bochur in the dorm

Editor’s Note: The only drawback is now you have to wait for krias shema at night; you can’t go to sleep too early. This may be a problem for those who make early Shabbos!