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Dear Editor:

On last week’s picture page you put in a picture of Rabbi Katz and said it was Rabbi Krausz. Please let your readers know that it was a mistake and it was Rabbi Katz. Thank You.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for helping us fix our mistake!



Dear Editor:

Why does it feel like there are more cars parked in Flatbush on side streets than ever before? My family members who came to our house before Yom Kippur for the seuda had to park 3 blocks away! It was never like this before!
Temima Grala

Editor’s Note: It’s called more people, more cars. Less people, less cars. The time has come for permits to be issued for homeowners and renters who live on the block to enable them to have a parking place. Perhaps that would alleviate this problem. Permits are in use in some out of town locales.



Dear Editor:
I really enjoyed Rosh Hashana! The only problem I have is that I eat too much challah. I wish they would make challah a little healthier. They are too enticing. I know I need to watch my weight. Instead I watch my weight grow.
Getting fatter in Flatbush

Editor’s NoteJust remember, whatever you eat on Shabbos and Yom Tov will only be good for you. After Yom Tov is a different story.



Dear Editor:

Please be advised that there are numerous speeding cameras across Brooklyn. It is virtually impossible to drive 35 and up without getting a ticket. The lights are still set up to sync when doing 35 so either you get a red light ticket when going 25 or a speeding ticket when going 35. We need the politicians to make it fair and make sure the lights get synchronized properly. It is ridiculous that one can drive down Ocean Parkway at Avenue N and hit a red light on every corner when driving 25 and the road is empty. I challenge anyone to try this.
Yehuda Krakauer

Editor’s Note: I believe that what you say is true. But nothing can be done perfectly. You have to consider both sides of the street.



Dear Editor:

My Yom Kippur davening was so uplifting. I wish we could bottle it up and save it for the rest of the year.

Shaindy Gold

Editor’s Note: You could bottle it! Why don’t you daven the same way every day?  



Dear Editor:

Is it permissible for me to buy an Esrog from one of the street vendors? How do I know it was not stolen?

Dovid Fishman

Editor’s Note: We have to assume that people do not steal. Therefore you can rely on the fact that the person selling the lulav and esrog did not steal it. It is definitely better to purchase from someone you know and trust anyway.



Dear Editor:

Where is there a good restaurant with a Succah for Chol Hamoed? Is there any certification for the Succah that are being put up by the restaurants?

Yankel Cohen

Editor’s Note: It is obviously not our place to recommend or advise you on these matters. Consult your local Orthodox rabbi. You do bring up a good point. Many people eat in these Succcos and no one knows if the Succah is kosher to begin with.